Monday, February 3, 2014

Top 5 Diets Women Choose

Top 5 Diets Women Choose
There are plenty of different diets because all the people are different. Here are some of the most famous diets women prefer.
1. Dukan Diet
If you choose this diet you will have to decrease the usage of carbs and increase this of
proteins. You may eat as much as you want as long as you keep to the rules. You will
probably loose weight quickly which will motivate you to keep on with the diet. However,
there are certain side effects like tiredness, dry mouth, insomnia etc.
2. Atkins diet
It is again a diet of the low-carb, high- protein type. It consists of some different phases you
will have to follow in case you want to see any results. The diet’s menu includes unlimited
fat and some vegetables. As fruits and vegetables are limited many people give up quickly
because they are tired to eat one and the same things.
3. Cambridge diet
Following this plan people buy and eat meal-replacement products like soups, shakes,
porridges and others. This is a nutritionally balanced way to lose weight but it should not last
for more than 12 weeks.
4. South Beach diet
Keeping to this diet you will not have to count your calories and limit your portions. It says
you should eat three meals and two snacks just for one day but also stick to a certain training
5. Slimming World diet
This eating plan will encourage you to use more low-fat foods in your everyday nutrition.
There is a list of such foods and you may choose among fruits, vegetables, fish, potatoes,
pasta, lean meat, eggs and rice.

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