Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stop stress and lose weight

Unfortunately we live in such a world, in which we fall into stressful situations every day and every hour. Many different researches have recently proved that stress usually leads to weight gain.
When under stress most people and mainly women tend to eat more and eat basically unhealthy foods. Then our bodies feel something wrong happens so they start storing food just in case. This means that if we try to get away from stress we may cope with the extra pounds.
A strange fact that most of us have never thought about is that while on a diet we are usually more stressed. We try to stay hungry, we are tired and in most of the cases irritated. This is odd having in mind that while trying to lose weight in fact we gain some. So better stop dieting. The best thing you could do is just eat more healthy foods.
Good sleep and morning breakfast are also important factors for a successful day without any stress.
The majority of people try to cope with the stress drinking coffee. This is one more myth which has to be busted. The combination of caffeine and stress increases cortisol levels much.
If you follow these tips sooner or later you will feel proud of yourself because you will be able to notice you have started to get in shape.

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